Vim Essentials, Inc. is a wellness lifestyle company that was founded to inspire you to live vividly and evolve your senses. Not only the “five”, but also your sense of purpose and well-being. Vim Essentials quality products and services support life and honor the planet.


Vision – A Global Evolution of Consciousness.

Mission – To be the premier source for products, services and information that support people in living with Vim.

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Q&A with Noelle Katai (Link to Noelle’s bio here)

How did you get interested in the sense of smell, and how it affects the mind and body?

Growing up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, I always looked forward to the spring thaw after so many months of snow and cold. There was nothing like that crisp, first smell of fresh cut grass after the long winter and chilly spring. So even now, when I smell fresh cut grass, I am transported back to my yard in Ohio dreaming about school being out for the summer! As a kid, this was intuitive to me, and as I got older, I was genuinely intrigued by the powerful connection between scent and the mind. I also remember observing the positive effects that smells could have on stress in those early years. When my Dad would come home from a tough day at the office, and he smelled the savory sweetness of the garlic, onion and Sweet Paprika from Chicken Paprikas, a favorite meal, simmering on the stove, his mood would change dramatically and instantly. Talk about food for thought!

Do you like to cook?

I was a natural in the kitchen growing up. I loved cooking and concocting meals for my family and friends, and I still do. I love to spend time discerning the seasonings in great restaurant dishes, and then try to recreate them at home. The nuances of the flavors and seasonings are also related to the scent/mind connection since taste and smell are inextricably linked. Take holidays for example…they are always associated with certain scents that are usually related to the traditional foods for those celebrations.

How did you first get interested in aromatherapy and essential oils?

I loved mixing stuff as a kid, so I had a natural interest in chemistry. I read about ingredients, and studied how things worked together in solutions. I created a “Super Cleaning Power Agent” out of many household chemicals that not only got the paint out of my Dad’s jeans, but it also bleached and ate a hole in them. Looking back, I am sure that my concoction should have been under a hood in a chemistry lab, but fortunately, no one was hurt. My favorite toys were my Barbie Perfume Maker, along with my Easy Bake Oven and chemistry sets. Anything that involved mixing, blending, smelling or tasting was my thing.

I loved chemistry and biology classes in high school, and while I was studying computers and business in college, I took chemistry as an elective. My friends thought I was insane!

It was in college that I really learned about aromatherapy and essential oils. I was also starting to study more about holistic health and wellness in books from Dr. Andrew Weil and the like. “The Body Shop” was just exploding at the time, so my first essential oils were from there. I bought many and experimented with them. For Christmas sometime during those college years, my parents gave me an aromatherapy kit – a set of essential oils and a book. From there I really expanded my studies and repertoire. I bought all kinds of aromatherapy books, and essential oils from different sources. I was really training my nose to discern the quality of various oils. Much like you learn to discern the nuances of wines to evolve your palate – they are very similar.

So how did you get from college to Founder of Vim Essentials?

After graduating from college, I took a job as Director of Marketing at an IT consulting firm. In that role, I used essential oils to differentiate the company at trade shows, seminars and meetings. I scented invitations to events, and used diffusers at them. People noticed. It had impact. I was doing “scent marketing” before it came into vogue, and was using the psychology of scent without the PhD.

In those early years, aromatherapy was a hobby and passion, so I enrolled in a certification course at the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy taught by the founder, Kurt Schnaubelt. He is a PhD chemist, so we really delved into the science and organic chemistry aspect of aromatherapy, and I came to understand the powerful effects of superior quality essential oils. As a logical person, this was right up my alley because I think it is really important to understand the science behind the anecdotes.

People then started approaching me with their questions, asking for advice and to make blends for them. In my spare time, I taught classes and workshops and created custom products, and that turned into a little word of mouth business. Back then, my full-time job was in retained executive search, so I was making great business contacts. I met and interviewed incredible people, from VP’s to board of directors of startups, through billion-dollar, global corporations. Inspired by the success of these business leaders, I formalized my own business and created Vim Essentials, Inc. After a couple years of growing my business, mostly word of mouth, I learned about Veria TV, and submitted a homemade audition DVD, which landed me the job to host “Everybody Nose”.

So what does Vim Essentials have to do with “evolving the senses”?

Essential oils are just the tip of the iceberg. People automatically associate them with the sense of smell, which is obvious, but you can use them for anything from holistic wellness to “green” cleaning, which is way beyond olfaction.

Throughout my life, I have been a student of nutrition, exercise, dancing, biology, physiology, meditation, Yoga, Feng Shui, Reiki and psychology, and have always been interested in holistic health. As I gained expertise with essential oils, I realized that they can be integrated into all of these areas. And while I am passionate about essential oils, I am more excited about living vividly. Life is multi-sensory, so I created Vim Essentials to be a source, not only for aromatherapy information and products, but for all things that contribute to enhancing the experiences that make up life – thus, evolving the senses.

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