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I am mother of two sometimes three and also own my own business. I spend a lot of time in the car and since buying the Vim Essentialís car kit I feel invigorated and a sense of calmness while I am running between places. I definitely think that the blends and the potency of the essential oils are far superior to any I have tried in the market. The quality and appearance of the diffuser always make for an interesting piece of conversation for any of my passengers.

Maria Johnson
De Novo Legal, PC

I love my AromaCar Commuter Kit. I use it every morning on the way to work. Just a couple drops and some Jazz on the radio is just the recipe I need to be calm, clear and focused...before I walk into the managed chaos at work!

Angela Hill
President & Creative Director

The AromaCar Commuter Kit was amazing! my car smelt so nice, I felt that I was more calm while driving, and coupled with my "chill" music I was able to think, relax, and not be so stressed out all of the time. I think this is a great gift idea for anyone looking to help a busy friend out! Certainly a well thought out, amazing product!

Michelle Weinstein
Optimal Nutrition, Inc.

In the day to day grind on the freeways of Southern California, it makes the journey ever more enjoyable to have my AromaCar Commuter Kit! Now, instead of being stressed out in traffic I breathe in deeply the fragrance of lavender, peppermint and lemon and calm right down. Thanks Vim Essentials!!! (PS. Plus, I love your packaging!!)

Karen Kripalani

I love the Vim Essentials AromaCar Commuter Kit!! Itís such a refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill hanging trees and synthetic car aromas. The fact that the scent is from pure essential oils makes me feel good about using it to freshen my personal space while Iím driving, and the fact that a trained aromatherapist and fellow small business owner created the blends herself makes me feel personally excited about using the product. The compact case is a real plus too! I can put it in the glove compartment, my purse or anywhere and it doesnít take up much space and allows me to keep the blends and pads in one place. Congratulations to Vim Essentials on a fun and innovative product!!

Donna Maria Coles Johnson
Founder & President
Indie Beauty Network and Indie Business Media
Chief Executive Indie and Original Lifestyle CEO
I've become very conscious of all the chemicals in my environment since the birth of my son. Now I try to use natural products whenever possible. The AromaCar Commuter Kit is the perfect natural answer for not only scent in your car, but also for creating a relaxing experience in what can often be an otherwise stressful situation. The AM and PM blends are really effective in creating the right mood. Other fake air fresheners do not even compare to scent of essential oils, and now Vim Essentials makes it easy and stylish to enjoy essential oils on the road!

Jenn David Connolly
Jenn David Design

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