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And as a public service, Clomid images, Clomid recreational, here are my Hangover Prevention and Recovery tips and recipes. While they are not guaranteed, Clomid coupon, About Clomid, I can tell you from experience that they certainly make a difference:

New Year’s Eve:

1.       Before you head out for the evening, take a Milk Thistle capsule, online buying Clomid hcl. Buy Clomid Without Prescription, This helps your liver process the alcohol. Purchase Clomid online,

2.       Drink a lot of water in between libations. You know this already, get Clomid, Clomid natural, but just do it

3.       Don’t mix too many random alcohols. You know the old saying, Clomid from canadian pharmacy, Buy cheap Clomid no rx, “liquor than beer you’re in the clear,” “beer than liquor, never sicker.” I think there could be one like, “tequila before wine…forget it.”

4.       According to Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen in, “YOU, The Owner’s Manual”, you can help delay the absorption of alcohol by eating healthy fats while you drink, i.e, Buy Clomid Without Prescription. a handful of walnuts or almonds, or some guacamole. Honey and tomato juice also do the same thing as they help your body to metabolize alcohol more effectively…who knew. Hooray for Bloody Mary’s. They also say that clear alcohols are less likely to cause hangovers than those that are dark – so choose the vodka or gin over the whiskey and red wine.

5.       According to my favorite medical reference, “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”, by Phyllis A. Buy Clomid Without Prescription, Balch, CNC, it says that you can take a pro-biotic like Lactobacillius acidophilus before bed to help deter the hangover. You can find capsules in the refrigerated section in your local health food store.

6.       Also, an aspirin before bed with a lot of water can help as well, but only if your system can handle aspirin.

New Year’s Day:

1.       Wake up and drink the juice of a ½ a lemon in warm water. This kick starts your digestion, but most importantly helps to detox your liver.

2.       Drink a lot of water!!

3.       According to my friends who study Ayruveda, drink a glass of room temperature water with the juice of one lime and 1 teaspoon of raw sugar (or agave syrup). This helps to cool down your system that has been overloaded.

4.       Get some Detox or Dandelion Root tea from your local health food store, and drink at least 3-4 cups throughout the day.

5.       Dr.’s Oz and Roizen recommend caffeine and water – so go for coffee and tea, just drink extra water since the caffeine is a diuretic.

6.       Detox your system with essential oils.


Detox Bath


                                                               i.      3 drops Fennel Seed

                                                             ii.      3 drops Juniper

                                                            iii.      3 drops Lavender

                                                           iv.      3 drops Pine, or any other needle oil like Black Spruce

                                                             v.      2 T. honey


Blend together in a small bowl, Buy Clomid Without Prescription. Run your bath water, and just before getting in, swish the essential oils and honey into the water so the honey melts. The smell will be fantastic and this blend will help to rev up and detox your system while the honey will nourish your skin. Soak for about 2 min. Drink some cucumber and lemon water when you get out of the tub.


7.       Take it easy. Contemplate manifesting great things in the New Year! 


I wish everyone a very safe New Year’s Eve, and a happy and prosperous New Year. Resolve to Live with Vim!


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