Vim Essentials: Philosophy

What is Vim?

An imaginative, lively style
Ebullient (joyously unrestrained) vitality and energy
A healthy capacity for vigorous activity

Are you “Living with Vim™”?

When you Live with Vim™, you are embracing your vitality…your own imaginative and lively style...and engaging in activities you love. Your senses are heightened. You breathe in life.

So what is your Vim? What wakes you up? What energizes you? What is your passion? What makes you happy? Is it Travel? Family? Fitness? Fashion? Food? All of these?

Biology says that we have five senses. The mystics say we have a sixth. But there’s more:
Our Sense of Purpose. Our Sense of Passion. Our Sense of Well Being.

When you Live with Vim, you are Evolving your Senses:
Evolve Your Senses™. Embrace your Vim.

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